Lead Universal Loader
A better solution for your business needs
A standalone Enterprise Middleware, platform-agnostic enterprise service bus (ESB)
Provides import and export data migration between various ETRM systems like Allegro, Energy and End-Users systems
Incorporates a powerful mapping transformation layer from and to the integrated target systems
Has available web service layer that allows 3rd party systems to trigger the export or the import functionality
Agnostic to the file format of the 3rd party system
No programming necessary, data transfer and transformation is enabled solely through configuration
Execution of the import/export can be scheduled to run automatically, can be triggered on ad-hoc basis, called via the web service layer or can be processed manually
Connect and transfer data between systems solely via configuration
No more implementation effort is needed for interfaces or data migration
UL saves time and integration effort during a project
Buy UL once, integrate unlimited systems and interfaces
The user is offered a structured and easy process for creation of a connection for each group of migrated data
UL makes modern software products compatible with each other via Plug-and-Play
Various file transport methods (web-services, system-file and email) and file formats (Supported file formats: XML, XLS, XLSX, CSV, JSON) are supported
Transformation mapping is based on XSLT 3.0 and XPATH 3.1. A widely accepted and adopted open-source format.
Supported Software
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